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2 august 2016
Our holding company
Ruizenaar Innovation Consultancy BV has announced it will collaborate with Avionics Control Systems BV (ACS) to make a new robust and affordable multi-sensor navigation system called "Pigeon" (the bird with famous navigation capabilities). This system will fuze information from inertial sensors with information from other aiding sensors like GPS, wheel encoders, laser range measurements etc. The performance of the inertial sensors will be increased by the DriftLess+ technology.

25 july 2016
Product announcement: Surfer (DL2D5X5)
Surfer is a highly accurate, affordable IMU. The IMU has three gyros, three accelerometers and a temperature sensor. The offsets of the (x & y) gyros axis and (x & y) accelerometers axis are continuously estimated by the proprietary DriftLess algorithm, making these sensor axis virtually immune for temperature changes.
Residual gyro offsets for these axis are 15 deg/hr and residual accelerometer offsets are 2.5 mm/s2. Size is 5x5x5 cm, power consumption 5V/500mW.
Typical application of this IMU is for camera stabilization, vehicle navigation/heading tracking.